Brazen Pym Payload Gauntlets

Brazen Pym Payload Gauntlets  Iron Man Icon.png
Initial Perk This Perk is unlocked upon acquiring the piece of gear. Common gear is typically named after this perk.
Brazen Pym Payload Perk Icon.png
Brazen Pym Payload
% Chance that Melee Critical Attacks will activate a PYM PAYLOAD on the enemy target.
Supplemental Perks Depending on rarity of the gear, up to three of these Perks may be present. Supplemental Perks will require resources to unlock.
Armory Modifier Perk Icon.png
Armory Modifier
% Increased status damage for all Weapons.
Plasma Injector Perk Icon.png
Plasma Injector
Light Combo Finishers trigger a burst of PLASMA damage.