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Taking Aim.png Kate Bishop joins the Avengers to stop AIM's dangerous new plan, but in the process they uncover more than they bargained for. Kate steps out of her mentor's shadow and becomes and Avenger in her own right.
Chain Rewards
Vishanti Appendix XIII
Number Name Overview
#&00000000000000040000004 A New Lead
Taking Aim.png
Tachyon disruptions continue to plague the world. Infiltrate Monica Rappaccini's newly-constructed AIM facility in search of answers.
#&00000000000000045000004.5 Masks
Taking Aim.png
The Avengers suspect Dr. Rappaccini is responsible for the new Tachyon Storms appearing around the world. Iron Man must investigate the new AIM facility.
#&00000000000000050000005 Young Avenger (Step 5)
Taking Aim.png
Rendezvous with Maria Hill in Substation Zero.
#&00000000000000060000006 Young Avenger (Step 6)
Taking Aim.png
The Avengers meet a new ally in their fight against AIM.
#&00000000000000065000006.5 Young Avenger
Taking Aim.png
SHIELD has traced AIM's Tachyon technology to a high-profile AIM scientist. Kate must track him down and find out what he knows.
#&00000000000000070000007 Tachyon Interrogation
Taking Aim.png
Question Dr. Getz in the Substation Zero holding cells.
#&00000000000000080000008 Anchor Points (Step 8)
Taking Aim.png
Finally uncover what AIM has worked so hard to hide.
#&00000000000000085000008.5 Anchor Points
Taking Aim.png
The origin of the mysterious Tachyon pulses has been narrowed down to a secluded area in Siberia. The Avengers must uncover the source and shut it down.
#&00000000000000090000009 The Bridge
Taking Aim.png
Dr. Rappaccini has built a portal to the future, sending Hawkeye through it. Meet with Hank Pym in the Ant Hill to figure out what's going on.
#&000000000000001000000010 Private Eye (Step 10)
Taking Aim.png
Hank has decided to help the Avengers build another Time Bridge to save Hawkeye. Acquire the Time Bridge blueprints from the AIM data center.
#&000000000000001050000010.5 Private Eye
Taking Aim.png
Infiltrate an AIM data center in Siberia to steal Dr. Rappaccini's Time Bridge blueprints.
#&000000000000001100000011 Building a Bridge (Step 11)
Taking Aim.png
Talk to Maria Hill in Substation Zero about acquiring Cavorite for the Time Bridge.
#&000000000000001200000012 Building a Bridge (Step 12)
Taking Aim.png
Talk to Dum Dum Dugan in Substation Zero about acquiring Cavorite for the Time Bridge.
#&000000000000001300000013 Little Hits (Step 13)
Taking Aim.png
Extract Cavorite from SHIELD bunkers to help power Hank Pym's Time Bridge.
#&000000000000001350000013.5 Little Hits
Taking Aim.png
Retrieve Cavorite from an old SHIELD Cache located near a repurposed satellite dish farm.
#&000000000000001400000014 Family Reunion (Step 14)
Taking Aim.png
Enough Cavorite has been acquired to get the Time Bridge up and running. Meet Pym at the off-site location where he's been working on his Time Bridge.
#&000000000000001450000014.5 Family Reunion
Taking Aim.png
Meet up with Hank Pym and save Hawkeye.
#&000000000000001500000015 Closing the Loop
Taking Aim.png
Hawkeye has sent word from the future that he is ready for extraction. With Pym's Time Bridge not being able to reach far enough into the future, Monica's Time Bridge will have to do. Once the link to the future has been established, Hawkeye will be able to come back to the present.