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Chain Rewards
Kimoyo Band
Number Name Overview
#&00000000000000010000001 The Way It Began
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The Black Panther stalks a group of foreign mercenaries through the jungle of Wakanda.
#&00000000000000020000002 Birnin Zana
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The Avengers have arrived in Birnin Zana, and are invited to the Royal Palace of Wakanda.
#&00000000000000030000003 World of Wakanda
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The Avengers join T'Challa to investigate the Kimoyo Network.
#&00000000000000040000004 Lockdown
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The Kimoyo Network has been compromised. T'Challa returns to the Royal Palace to assess the situation.
#&00000000000000050000005 Power Show
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Assist the River Tribe in repelling Klaue's attacks. Track the source of corrupted Vibranium.
Princess Shuri has discovered the source of the corrupted Vibranium erupting across the planet. Black Panther and the Avengers investigate a powerful new AIM device.
#&00000000000000060000006 Blood Feud (Step 6)
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R'Challa and the Avengers destroyed one of Klaue's FUSE machines creating the corrupted Vinbranium.
#&00000000000000070000007 Blood Feud
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Ulysses Klaue is holding Shuri's scientists hostage in Azzuri's Temple. Find and save them.
Princess Shuri agrees to meet with AIM's Ulysses Klaue alone to negotiate the release of her laboratory technicians, but Black Panther and the Avengers are not far behind.
#&00000000000000080000008 The Sound and the Fury (Step 8)
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#&00000000000000090000009 The Sound and the Fury
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Ulysses Klaue is storming the Vibranium Mount. Confront Klaue and put an end to his incursion.
Klaue and his loyalists have stormed the Vibranium mound. Black Panther and the Avengers fight to take it back.
#&000000000000001000000010 Victory (Step 10)
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Wakanda ha been saved from the clutches of Ulysses Klaue. The Avengers are victorious.

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