Chestplate of the Thunderer

Chestplate of the Thunderer  Thor Icon.png
Initial Perk This Perk is unlocked upon acquiring the piece of gear. Common gear is typically named after this perk.
Asgard's Insight Perk Icon.png
Asgard's Insight
Increases the rate of Heroic energy regeneration while OVERCHARGED by %.
Supplemental Perks Depending on rarity of the gear, up to three of these Perks may be present. Supplemental Perks will require resources to unlock.
Asgard's Fury Perk Icon.png
Asgard's Fury
Increase the amount of Overcharged gained from all attacks by %.
Asgard's Privilege Perk Icon.png
Asgard's Privilege
Increases Willpower regeneration while Overcharged by %.