Day of the Remains

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Inhuman Alliance Icon.pngDay of the Remains  
Prior Mission: More than Inhuman
Location: Pacific Northwest

  • Reach Location
    • Locate AIM site
  • Free the Inhumans
    • Locate the Inhuman holding cells
    • Destroy the Inhuman cells
AObj.png BObj.png
  • Secure the area
  • Defeat Watchdogs
    • Intercept Watchdogs
    • Defeat Watchdogs
Enemy Icon.png Enemy Icon.png Enemy Icon.png
  • Defeat Adaptoids
    • Locate AIM site
    • Defeat the Adaptoids
Enemy Icon.png Enemy Icon.png

Free the Inhumans
Lose one star whenever a hero is downed
Defeat Watchdogs
Lose one star whenever a hero is downed
Defeat Adaptoids
Lose one star whenever a hero is downed

Day of the Remains.png
Optional Objectives
Chest: There are optional Chests to obtain.Data Chest: There are optional Chests to obtain behind a security access panel.Enemy Unit: Special enemy unit can be defeated for additional rewards.Hostage: Rescue the Resistance hostage.Vault: Uncover the hidden AIM vault for additional rewards.
Possible Modifiers

Heavyweight: Enemies stun meters build at an increased rate.Incinerator: Fire hazards are added to the environment. Plasma damage from enemies and the environment are increased.Pressure: No automatic recovery of Willpower when critically injured.Torpedo: Projectile damage from any source is greatly increased.

20 - 140
Rumor has it AIM is developing a new Dreadbot. Dr. Hank Pym asks the Avengers to intercept its blueprints to give the Resistance a leg up in fighting it.

Rare or Better Quality

Upgrade Module
Gear Resource