Hawkbird's Gloves

Hawkbird's Gloves  Kate Bishop Icon.png
Initial Perk This Perk is unlocked upon acquiring the piece of gear. Common gear is typically named after this perk.
Archer's Haste Perk Icon.png
Archer's Haste
% increased firing time of RAZOR and DISRUPTOR ARROWS.
Supplemental Perks Depending on rarity of the gear, up to three of these Perks may be present. Supplemental Perks will require resources to unlock.
Gamma Bomb Arrow Perk Icon.png
Gamma Bomb Arrow
Ranged Attacks with EXPLOSIVE ARROWS deal Gamma damage.
Gamma-Arrow Perk Icon.png
Ranged Attacks with RAZOR ARROWS deal Gamma damage.
Gamma-tipped Arrows Perk Icon.png
Gamma-tipped Arrows
Ranged Attacks with SCATTER SHOT ARROWS deal Gamma damage.
Plasma Bomb Arrow Perk Icon.png
Plasma Bomb Arrow
Ranged Attacks with EXPLOSIVE ARROWS deal Plasma damage.
Scattershot Effectuator Perk Icon.png
Scattershot Effectuator
% increase in STUN, STATUS, and all normal damage of SCATTERSHOT arrows.