Marvel's Avengers Black Widow 1

Marvel's Avengers Black Widow 1  

Official Summary

THE SUPER SPY STARS IN THE FINAL ADVENTURE BEFORE THE LAUNCH OF MARVEL’S AVENGERS! Former Russian spy Natasha Romanoff has joined SHIELD, but when a spectre from her past resurfaces, where do her loyalties really lie? And what is the source of her deadly feud with the villainous TASKMASTER? Solve the mystery in this adventure leading up to the upcoming MARVEL’S AVENGERS video game as we explore a key episode from the dramatic saga of the woman called BLACK WIDOW!


Black Widow spars with a group of SHIELD agents. Agent 14 is about to fire off a sonic cannon when Nick Fury steps in. The group doesn't trust agent Romanoff, who has recently joined SHIELD and is continuing to use her Black Widow callsign instead of being given a number like the other agents.

Fury tells Romanoff that her officer training will be different than the methods used in the Red Room and introduces her new trainer: combat cohesion officer Tony Masters. Masters trains alongside Romanoff, attempting to identify her fighting style. It's revealed that ballet makes up the core of it.

There's a jailbreak on the hellicarrier, made up of members of Hydra, The Secret Empire, and the The Sons of the Serpent. A group led by Fury to restrain the prisoners finds that Romanoff has already taken them down. Masters claims that Romanoff was the one that let the prisoners out, using her ballet skills to maneuver through a laser grid.

Upon being accused, Romanoff slices the sleeve on Master's shirt, revealing a laser burn where Masters was hit during the escape. The two fight, and Masters escapes via a Hydra ship. Fury confronts Romanoff with security footage showing that she too stole the codes to open the doors. She had the intent to free one prisoner, Iosif Stepanov, a ballet dancer that showed her kindness during her time in the Red Room. Nick agrees to free Stepanov, filing a false report that he was killed during the prison riot.

Five years later, Romanoff and Fury are discussing new footage of Tony Masters who now goes by the alias Taskmaster. Romanoff states that when they meet again, it'll be his final lesson.


Publication Details:

Title: Marvel's Avengers Black Widow 1
Issue: 1

Release Date: March 25, 2020
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Artist: Michele Bandini