Marvel's Avengers Hulk 1

Marvel's Avengers Hulk 1  

Official Summary

HULK STARS IN THE SMASHING PREQUEL TO THE UPCOMING VIDEO GAME, MARVEL’S AVENGERS! The adventure leading to MARVEL’S AVENGERS rages on, with an all-new story leading directly into the events of the highly anticipated video game! As the incredible HULK, the monstrous alter ego of scientist BRUCE BANNER, he’s done good for the world. But with the virtually uncontrollable, gigantic green rage monster always bubbling under his skin, Banner has teamed up with an inquisitive scientist in an attempt to regulate the beast once and for all. As their experiments go deeper, a catastrophic event may spell the end for more than just Banner’s curse! Witness crucial incidents and intrigue in the saga tied to the earthshaking events in the MARVEL’S AVENGERS game next year!


The Hulk and Monica run tests in a SHIELD Lab and secure facility in New York. Bruce Banner wants to get rid of the Hulk, claiming how dangerous he can be. Monica however, wants to help Bruce retain his memories during his time as the Hulk and to help harness the Hulk's power. The two are romantically involved.

George Tarleton asks Bruce to look at a new model for magnifying energy at a molecular level and Bruce says maybe in a couple of weeks. Tarleton, eager to test his model, runs the experiment himself. Things become unstable and an electrical surge zaps two nearby guards, transforming them into a creature of electricity. Hulk slams the creature into the water, defeating it while also shorting out electricity across the northeastern seaboard. Tony Stark states that the Avengers (or Stark Industries) will help with the clean-up.

Back at SHIELD, Tarleton convinces Tony to look at his model.


Publication Details:

Title: Marvel's Avengers Hulk 1
Issue: 1

Release Date: February 5, 2020
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Ariel Olivetti