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Adaptoid.png Adaptoid
Adaptoids ( /4)
AIM's most advanced AI combat Synthoid, the Adaptoid was designed to utilize powers replicated from Inhuman research.

The base model Adaptoid uses a standard optic beam weapon and is skilled at ranged and melee combat. Adaptoids are capable of self-repair, so always finish them off in combat.

Adept Adaptoid.png Adept Adaptoid
Adaptoids ( /4)
The Adept Adaptoid is infused with harvested telekinetic abilities. It can threaten all heroes at once with its quantum spike attack, and protects Itself by controlling debris to create a shield.

Use ranged attacks to destroy it piece by piece.

Assault Adaptoid.png Assault Adaptoid
Adaptoids ( /4)
The Assault Adaptoid has been infused with fire-based abilities harvested from Inhumans with similar powers. This Adaptoid emits an extremely high temperature aura - don't linger too close for too long and attack from a distance.
Cryo Adaptoid.png Cryo Adaptoid
Adaptoids ( /4)
The Cryo Adaptoid has been infused with ice-based abilities harvested from inhumans with similar powers. These attacks can slow and freezes opponents - avoid them if possible.

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