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Name Description
Adept Drone.png Adept Drone
Drones ( /5)
Drone Adept's use specialized projectiles that slowly track their targets and can fly for an extended period of time.

Try destroying Adept projectiles rather than avoiding or Countering them.

Plague Drone.png Plague Drone
Drones ( /5)
Equipped with a deadly chemical payload, this modified security drone is used to control large crowds.

Avoid the toxic green clouds produced by this unit's projectile.

SPIN Drone.png SPIN Drone
Drones ( /5)
These specialized SPIN drones use 'Super Power Inhibiting Nanobots' in their weaponry, specifically designed to drain Inhuman and Avenger special abilities, making them especially dangerous if left unattended.

Prioritize Spin Drones to avoid losing special ability energy.

Security Drone.png Security Drone
Drones ( /5)
This standard AIM security drone is equipped with light defensive weaponry. AIM deploys these drones to observe and report suspicious activity.
Swarm Drone.png Swarm Drone
Drones ( /5)
These specialized drones provide advanced shielding to AIM units in close proximity, making them invulnerable to your attacks.

Take out Swarm Drones before any other enemy.

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