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Name Description
Cryotronic Exo.png Cryotronic Exo
Exos ( /4)
A specialized version of the Monotronic Exo suit, built to chill and immobilize targets.
Elite Exo.png Elite Exo
Exos ( /4)
This experimental Exo suit is more powerful, more dangerous, and possibly unstable.

If damaged enough, it will explode in a deadly blast radius. Avoid at all costs.

Monotronic Exo.png Monotronic Exo
Exos ( /4)
These massive mechanical suits are worn by AIM personnel and usually used to move equipment and heavy cargo. They are equally effective in combat situation, allowing human drivers to attack with super-human strength and deadly weaponry.

Watch for its heavy attacks that affect large areas. Target the Monotronic Exo's back for bonus damage.

SPINtronic Exo.png SPINtronic Exo
Exos ( /4)
This Exo suit was designed specifically to deal with the Avengers and other dangerous Inhumans. It utilizes Super-Power Inhibiting Nanobot attacks to drain powers and severly weaken super-powered opponents.

Destroy these units as soon as you encounter them.

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