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Adept Synthoid.png Adept Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
The Adept Synthoid is an incredibly versatile and dangerous combat model, designed to relentlessly hunt down and disable their targets.

Not only can the Adept Synthoid make use of AIM's short-range quantum teleportation technology to dodge and weave around the battlefield, but every time they teleport they will leave behind a gravity well grenade.

They are also equipped with suppression projectiles, and smart tracking projectile mini drones capable of seeking out enemies until destroyed.

These units should be dealt with before all others on the field of battle.

Blank Icon.png Cargo Runner Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
The Cargo Runner Synthoid was designed to quickly move extremely valuable items between AIM installations. It is optimized for speed and programmed to protect its cargo at all costs. Heavy shields provide additional security.

While the cargo Runner is not built for combat, it can push away obstructions in its path and will attempt to flee if its route is compromised.

Cryo Synthoid.png Cryo Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
This standard AIM Synthoid was modified to chill and immobilize dangerous laboratory experiments.

It can sometimes be deployed as a combat unit, utilizing it's cold based abilities to control the battle field. Don't step on the ice.

Elite Synthoid.png Elite Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
Equipped with a powerful laser weapon, this Elite Synthoid is specifically used for corporate security and police actions.

Elites Synthoids are called in when suspected in humans refuse to cooperate with AIM authorities.

Prime Adept Synthoid.png Prime Adept Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
Designed for large scale construction projects, the Prime Adept Synthoid is capable of carrying and manipulating large objects such as rebar, support beams, and other building materials.

When tasked with combat duties, it is armed with a large, charged rod and notable upgrades to armor.

Prime Aegis Synthoid.png Prime Aegis Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
This variation on the Prime Adept is used for hazardous construction duties and is outfitted with a defensive energy shield and Terrigen energy infused truncheon.
Prime Cryo Synthoid.png Prime Cryo Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
The Cryo Adept is normally deployed into damaged, war torn environments to quickly repair and reinforce collapsing structures.

When acting on AIM security protocols, it uses its charged rod to quickly chill and immobilize unauthorized intruders.

SPIN Synthoid.png SPIN Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
Utilizing AIM's proprietary Super-Power Inhibiting Nanobots, the SPIN Synthoid can quickly drain energy from Inhumans and Avengers alike.

These units should be dealt with before all others on the field of battle.

Synthoid.png Synthoid
Synthoids ( /9)
Utilized across all of AIM holdings, the standard Synthroid can be found in almost all industries – from food service, to security, to emergency medical response.

When necessary, a Synthroid can subdue targets and effectively engage in armed combat.

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