Iron Man

Iron Man Icon.pngIron Man  
Stark, Tony

Status Active
Title Adviser
Document Citizenship United States
Place of Birth Manhattan, NY
DOB Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'-1"
Weight 185
Hair Salt & Pepper Brown
Eyes Brown
Dental None
Languages English, Spanish, Italian, Dari
Last Known Address S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Previous Address 39 Cliffside Drive, Malibu, CA 56677
Identifiable Markings A miniaturized (RT) ARC reactor embedded in chest cavity.
Family Howard Stark, Father, Deceased 12-17-1991
Maria Collins Carbonell Stark, Mother, Deceased 12-17-1991
Education Phillips Academy, Andover, MA 1977-1984
Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 1984-1987
Employment Stark Industries
Occupation Inventor. Philanthropist.
Alias None
Code Name Iron Man
Powers Genius Intellect. Master Engineer. Iron Man Armors.
Challenges Father issues, weakened heart, self-focused (narcissism), obsessive.
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