Proficient Invulnerability Arrowheads

Proficient Invulnerability Arrowheads  Hawkeye Icon.png
Initial Perk This Perk is unlocked upon acquiring the piece of gear. Common gear is typically named after this perk.
Proficient Invulnerability Perk Icon.png
Proficient Invulnerability
% Chance Ranged Power Attacks grant an Invulnerability Buff. Requires Ranged Power Attack ability.
Supplemental Perks Depending on rarity of the gear, up to three of these Perks may be present. Supplemental Perks will require resources to unlock.
Cosmic Razor Perk Icon.png
Cosmic Razor
Ranged attacks with RAZOR ARROWS deal Cosmic damage.
Cryo Cluster Perk Icon.png
Cryo Cluster
Ranged attacks with CLUSTER ARROWS deal Cryo damage.
Cryo Pulsar Perk Icon.png
Cryo Pulsar
Ranged attacks with PULSAR ARROWS deal Cryo damage.
Expert Inspiration Perk Icon.png
Expert Inspiration
% Chance defeating [an enemy with a ranged critical attack\enemies in their weak point] grants a Willpower Burst.
Expert Invulnerability Perk Icon.png
Expert Invulnerability
% Chance [defeating enemies in their weak point/defeating enemies with ranged critical attack/killing a pinned enemy] grants an Invulnerability Buff.
Expert Protection Perk Icon.png
Expert Protection
% Chance defeating enemies [in their weak point/with a ranged critical attack] grants a Defense Buff.
Pym Particle Razor Perk Icon.png
Pym Particle Razor
Ranged attacks wit RAZOR ARROWS deal Particle damage.